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Erin Draper: How I Design Clothes that Flatter



Soft, Comfortable, Flattering. Those are the words most often used to describe my clothing.  Frequently, a purchaser will email me to say “I wore your top and got compliments all day long.” This is no accident. I work hard to design clothing that will look great on many body types and sizes.

You’ll notice that I design many of my tops and dresses with a diagonal drape.  That’s because fabric draped across the body in a diagonal line is extremely flattering and forgiving -- and looks great on every body type. The graceful folds of a diagonal drape accentuate your waist and deemphasize your belly.  You’ll find this design to be one of the most flattering you can wear.

So even if you’re shy about showing off your figure, don’t be afraid to try one of my designs that looks form-fitting, but has a diagonal seam or drape across the front.

Some of my designs are particularly popular with plus sized women who find them very comfortable and flattering.  If you're looking for attractive clothing in a larger size and aren't sure where to start, take a look at Elmora, Cameron, Elgin and Clio, some of the most popular designs among my plus sized customers. 

To learn more about why my clothing looks and feels so great, click on the links below.  

      --- Erin