I’m Erin Draper.  Welcome to my line of handmade clothing that is both statement-making and incredibly comfortable to wear. 

 Trained in both art and fashion design and with a passion for aerial silk acrobatics, I bring my love for art, fashion and movement into my designs. 

My goal is to create clothing that is striking and stands out, that allows you to move freely, and that feels great to wear. I approach each of my designs as a work of art, using creative seaming, color blocking and drape to create clothing with a contemporary artistic flair.  But art and design are not my only inspirations. Of equal importance, is my belief that fashion can be statement-making and as comfortable as yoga wear.

To achieve this degree of maximum comfort, I use only luxuriously soft fabrics like jersey, silk and tencel that feel wonderful to the touch and have enough stretch to move with you as you go through your busy day, including many that are made or dyed in the United States and sustainably produced. 

I also take inspiration from athletic wear, the clothing many of us love to hang out in because it's so comfortable.  Many of my seam lines are similar to those used in swimsuits and exercise tops. I use these seam lines to create designs that move with you and will never pull or bind. When you wear an Erin Draper outfit to the office, I don't want you to feel that desperate need to change out of your work clothes the minute you get home.

Frequently, a purchaser will email me to say “I wore your top and got compliments all day long.” This is no accident. I work hard to design clothing that will look great on every body type and in every size. One of my tools for doing this is to use a lot of drape in my designs.  Draped fabric looks great on the human body.  The diagonal drape – which I use a lot -- is particularly flattering and lends itself to striking clothing designs. Drape also gives a top or dress a lot of “give”, allowing the wearer to stretch and move in comfort. 

While my line is comfortable, it's not “athleisure” or "basics". It’s statement-making fashion you can wear to work or to social events and be as comfortable as you would be in your athletic wear.  My clothes are signature pieces that are different from anything you’ll see anywhere else. 

And, I’m not fast fashion. I strive to create artistic designs that are elegant and timeless, never trendy.  Each garment is carefully cut and sewn by hand one at a time in my Baltimore studio. While we keep some inventory in stock, most of our garments are made to order. This reduces waste and helps us keep our costs down so we can offer you the best possible prices.

To learn more about my clothing line, click on the links below, or send me a message.  I'd love to hear from you!

--- Erin

Size Chart

In order to help you estimate the fit you want, we list our model's measurements and the size she is wearing below each photo or under "Specs" on the product page. 

Note: "Hip" = Lower hip/largest point of hip


Bust: 34

Waist: 26.5

Hip: 37



Bust: 36

Waist: 28

Hip: 39



Bust: 38

Waist: 30

Hip: 41



Bust: 41

Waist: 33.5

Hip: 44



Bust: 44

Waist: 37

Hip: 46



Bust: 46

Waist: 39

Hip: 48