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Erin Draper: How I Design for Comfort


I design with three intentions in mind: the piece must be striking and unique, flattering to most body types and as comfortable as yoga wear  I start with fabrics so soft they could be used for pajamas, but that is not enough to ensure that the designs I create will be as comfortable as your favorite athletic wear. If a garment isn’t designed with comfort in mind, even the softest fabric can pull or chafe as you move through your day and that’s not okay with me.

 My clothing is not athleisure – it’s too stylish and, in some cases, dressy to be categorized that way.  But, I do take inspiration from athletic wear.  Many of my seam lines are similar to those used in swimsuits and exercise tops.  Combining these seam lines with fabrics that are soft, breathable and a little stretchy creates clothing that moves easily with the wearer, never pulling or chafing.

I also use a lot of drape in my designs.  Draped fabric looks great on the human body.  Think about those gorgeous Greek and Roman sculptures.  The diagonal drape – which I use a lot -- is particularly flattering and lends itself to striking clothing designs. But I don’t just use drape because it flatters and hangs so beautifully.  Drape also gives a top or dress a lot of “give”, allowing the wearer to stretch and move in comfort.  

Using athletic-inspired seamlines, hand-picked fabrics, and drape, I create designs for women to wear in total comfort for work, for elegant evening occasions, or just for hanging out with their friends.  It’s fashion for life. As comfortable as yoga wear.

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      --- Erin