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Erin Draper: The Fabrics I Choose


When I’m at work or out in the evening, I want to wear clothing that is soft and comfortable, that stretches when I move, and that feels so good that I’m not anxious to take it off the moment I get home, and I know you probably feel the same.

Most stylish clothing made today is not designed to be comfortable or to allow you to move freely – it’s tight and binding, or made from fabrics that are scratchy or stiff. It may look nice, but it’s no fun to wear. Think about it: Isn’t that why so many of us spend as much time as we can in our athletic wear?

I want women to be just as comfortable when they dress for work or a special event as when they’re relaxing in yoga class. That’s why every fabric we use is, first and foremost, soft and breathable. 

My go-to fabric is a blend of rayon or eco-friendly modal with a small amount of spandex. These fabrics are truly luxurious in feel. They stretch enough to let you move freely, drape beautifully and breathe. I prefer them to cotton, which isn’t as soft, doesn’t wear as well, and – even with organic cotton – takes a huge amount of  water to produce.

Many of the  rayon fabrics we use are sourced from a small NY-based manufacturer that uses recycled rayon and rayon made with Lenzing Viscose, a fiber that is made in a closed circuit process with minimal environmental impact.  We also use hemp and tencel, two of the most eco-friendly fabrics, bamboo, and recycled poly, as well as washable silk. Our silk is dyed in the U.S. where strict environmental protection laws apply, not in countries where silk dyes are a major source of water pollution.

What all of these fabrics have in common is that they are very, very soft and feel great to wear.  That's why the comment I hear most often about my clothing is that it's not only striking and unique, but also amazingly comfortable.  But the softness and wonderful feel of our fabrics is only part of that story. The comfort I build into my clothing through athletic-inspired seaming and drape – as well as my unique and flattering style -- also have a lot to do with why women love wearing my clothes. Click on the links to learn more.

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      --- Erin